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Thank you, Candy Burke for including me on this blog hop. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it’s basically a group of authors writing a blog and then mentioning other authors to gain exposure. We are Authors working together to promote each other.

 1. What’re you working on now?

Actually, I’m working on at least three different erotic novellas but concentrating primarily on Lillian’s Choice.

2. How’s it different from other work in the genre?

Lillian’s Choice is an erotic novella written in a style similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure Series. Unlike the CYOA series, the reader follows Lillian and makes important choices for her.

In a way, the reader gets to experience this novel from the writer’s perspective. Writers often come to a point in their story where they wonder, what happens if the character chooses B instead of A? Instead of limiting the character to just one choice and one outcome, I’ve written both choices, with multiple consequences, allowing a variety of stories to be told. In this novella, the reader makes the choice and sees the consequences of their choice.

Another key difference is that this novella is written in third person omniscient instead of second person. I chose to write in third person because some readers may not like the choices presented for themselves. By writing in third person, the actions are happening to someone else, not you. So there is no need to be offended or upset or turned off by the choices. For example, I don’t particularly care for ménages but I don’t necessarily mind reading about it.

As readers of erotica, I think we are a bit voyeuristic. We love to read (and observe) what others are doing. Having choices in an erotic novella allows readers to explore things that might be taboo without actually having to get up the nerve to try it ourselves.

 3. Why do you write?

I write as a creative outlet. When I would read erotic novels, I began to wonder what if…? Pretty soon, I was creating my own erotica in my head. It was only a matter of time before I began writing it. Hubby noticed my interest (addiction) to reading it and actually he suggested that I try to write some of my own. Once I decided to give it a try, I had more ideas than I could get down on paper. Currently I have over a dozen ideas for novellas, all in various stages of completion. And this week I started another one….

4. How does your process work?

My process is pretty simple. An idea or scene occurs and I get down on paper or type it up so I don’t forget it. Does it always flow with the story? Nope. Sometimes I will be inspired to write a scene for something I’m not actively working on. I type it up and when the inspiration is over, I return to my original work. Sometimes it takes days or even weeks to return to the original story I was composing, but eventually I do. I guess you could say I hop around from story to story as inspiration dictates.

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