Character Interview Robert Manis, Carnal Conspiracies

Carnal Conspiracies James Lee Nathan III

Carnal Conspiracies James Lee Nathan III

Thanks for stopping by. We have a very special guest today. I would like to introduce Robert Manis, special consultant to the Director of the National Union Federal Bureau of Investigation, aka NU-FBI.

1.      Where are you from?

Hmmm all over, but mostly Arlington Virginia.

 2.      What’s the most flattering thing anyone has ever said about you?

Robert you fill me up, in every way.

 I’m a married woman, I’m a married woman….

 3.      What’s your idea of a good lover?

Are we talking physical characteristics, or personality traits? Let me just say, she is alluring, about 5ft 7 or so, highly intelligent, beautiful, motivated, and submissive only to me.

 4.      What is the pet name for the love of your life?

Difficult to say, I have never had a LOVE OF MY LIFE. Many lovers in my life though.

 5.      What is your biggest fear?

Not finding that bitch Magdalena, before she extinguishes the rest of our family.

 6.      Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done?

I have done too many things that I should not have.

 7.      What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone? Why?

I impaled a man for his treacherous deeds and yes he had it coming.

 Note to self, do NOT piss him off….

 8.      Here is the can of whip cream I promised you. What are you planning on doing with it?

Nothing, I plan on having you apply it liberally on an area of mine that requires your immediate and obedient attention.

 I’m flattered, but I don’t think my husband would approve….unless you don’t mind an audience…. (Robert winks mischievously.)

 9.      If you had complete and total control over anyone, what would you have them do?

You, your name is Marissa, and Marissa is subservient to all of my wants and desires. So what do I fancy today? Hmmm I prefer to watch you, watch you pleasure yourself, but you cannot cum, until I say so.

 Damn….I think I need a moment.

 10.  You seem a little tense. Is something bothering you?

I am always tense. It comes with being hunted, scorned and desired.

 11.  Where can we find out more about your life?

You can find more about my life in the two novellas Carnal Conspiracies and The Wicked.  Both are available on and KOBO.  A preview is available on along with reviews and ratings for both. I also appear in the just released No Brakes erotic crime dramas.

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The Wicked By James Lee Nathan III

The Wicked By James Lee Nathan III

No Brakes by James Lee Nathan III

No Brakes by James Lee Nathan III

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