Character Interview Officer Driscoll Mulder, Special Crimes Team

Welcome back! Today our special guest is Officer Driscoll Mulder, Special Crimes Team.

Would you introduce yourself to our audience, please.

Officer Driscoll Mulder, Special Crimes Team

Where are you from?

Vancouver, Washington, by way of Hell.

Would you like to elaborate on that?

I can’t say a lot, but you know the brothers in blue consider the Special Crimes Team the Siberia of Law Enforcement. It’s where bad cops go.

Are you a bad cop?

The baddest, baby, but not corrupt.

Hmm. I think we’ll let that go for now.

What’s the most flattering thing anyone has ever said about you?

That I’m a stubborn asshole.

Most people would not see that as a compliment.sketch-of-a-murder-final-cover

I’m not most people.

Describe your idea of a good lover.

Tall, dark, handsome, dangerous and hairy. And can last all night.

From that description, you must be gay.

No, I’m Santa Claus. Of course, I’m gay.

What is the pet name for the love of your life?

I don’t have a love in my life right now, but let’s see my last two lovers: there was Twinkle Toes. That man had magical feet. Made my toes curl. Then there was Big Baby. That man was always looking for something to stick in his mouth.

What’s your biggest fear?

That someday I’ll get kidnapped and wake up in a fundamentalist church camp.

Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t done? Why haven’t you done it?

Sky dive naked. And I haven’t done it because I hate heights.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone? Why?

(face serious) Had sex without a condom. I’m clean, but that shows a definite lack of respect.

Here is a can of whip cream I promised you. What are you planning on doing with it?

Thanks. I’m going to save it until Mr. Hairy shows up. I’ve always wondered if whip cream can be used like mousse on chest hair. Of course, I’d have to clean up after myself. (waggles tongue)

If you had complete and total control over one of your superiors, who would you like to control? And what would you have that person do?

I’d love to control Sergeant Nita Slowater. (a big grin stretches his lips) I’d make that woman stand on the corner of Denny and Broadway with a big sign that says: “I’m a lesbian!” Maybe then she’d get it.

You seem a little tense. Is something bothering you? 

It’s just this most recent case. We fished a kid out of Puget Sound and he wasn’t more than twelve years old. And that little girl we found in the dumpster…I had nightmares over that one. My sister’s kid’s right around the same age, nine. I tell you if it hadn’t been for that old woman who owns the bookstore on Capitol Hill and that crazy psychic, I just don’t know….

Where can we find out more about your life?

A couple of places. You can read about the first case I worked with the Special Crimes Team, in Sketch of a Murder.

Or visit Aya Walksfar on Facebook  for the latest news on our most recent case, Street Harvest. You’ll be able to find that case study on  Aya’s Amazon author page some time later this month.  You wouldn’t believe the kind of sickos the Special Crimes Team has to deal with.

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