Character Interview with Jacky Donovan

Today we have our a special guest from the Dom community. Let’s start with the basics. Can you tell me your name?
Hi, I’m Max and I’m the hero (some would perhaps say antihero) of Jacky Donovan’s autobiography “Instant Whips and Dream Toppings: A true-life dom rom com”.  Jacky Donovan

Where are you from?
The south of England. I can’t say more or readers may try to identify me and then my wife and family will shoot me as I did get up to all sorts of things that a married man really shouldn’t do. But, heck, it was worth the potential danger and subsequent guilt. 🙂

What’s the most flattering thing anyone has ever said about you?
Jacky – the author and main protagonist of the story – still maintains I am her best lover ever, even many years after our affair ended. A flattering comment given she’s had sex not only with men but also with a large number of extremely sexy lesbian and bisexual women. Great to know that, as a man, I was better even than a lesbian lover!

What’s your idea of a good lover?
A good lover is receptive to new ideas, responsive, enthusiastic, keen to both receive and give pleasure, open-minded, not afraid to explore new things, able to share her deepest and darkest fantasies, not critical of her lover’s fantasy desires, soft, warm, loving, caring, kissable, able to share vicious circles of eroticism, bouncing wickedly exciting thoughts back and forth with me, creating a whorl of desire between the two of us. And, sorry to bring it down to basics, a woman who gives the most amazing hand relief I’ve ever had. All of that and more was Jacky for me….

What is the pet name for the love of your life?
Difficult one as I’ve been married since the early days of home computing – ie. a long time! – but, despite that, ache to have Jacky in my life even long after our affair has ended. In a parallel universe I’d be lying beside her on a beach in Gran Canaria where she now lives right now so I’m answering this question with her in mind.
When I met Jacky she was a – in her words – shy, frumpy housewife with bitten nails, drab clothes and she wore no makeup or jewellery. As our affair got steamier I encouraged her to appreciate her sexuality and flaunt it and she transformed into a gorgeous self-confident woman. So much so that she leaped into bed with one of her work colleagues, something which totally devastated me as it made me truly realize how much I loved her and how desirable she was.
I wanted to create something that was ‘mine’ between us and chose her middle name, Kim, as my pet name for her. She went on to use it as her working name when she became a dominatrix, calling herself Mistress Kimberley eventually. From then on she was Kim to me.

What is your biggest fear?
I have two. The first that I’ll lose touch with Kim and no longer have any insight into what she is now doing. Thanks to the book, I can now see what she is up to from the press, follow her success and be proud of what she has achieved.
My second is that my wife will find out my secret….

Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done? (Why haven’t you done it?)
Ouch, you’re making me squirm, forcing me to see all the things I still regret with regard to Kim. I always wanted to spend an entire evening with her – going out for dinner together, being proud to be seen with her, enjoying her company in public, then going to bed, snuggling up, undoubtedly having great sex, sleeping with her and waking up beside her next morning, loving every second of it and of her.
In my imagination it’d be bliss but guilty feelings always kicked in and I knew that I’d feel even worse about cheating on my wife. Though I’m not entirely sure if there are ‘degrees’ of cheating to be honest! I’ve made it sound as if seeing Kim, having sex with her, being emotionally involved with her for many years was OK. Yet spending a night with her wasn’t. Hmm…

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone? Why?
OK I confess I’ve been appallingly rude and hurtful to Kim on occasion, ignoring her entirely at times when my guilt overwhelmed me. Not proud of hurting her at all. She certainly never deserved it.

Here is the can of whip cream I promised you. What are you planning on doing with it?
Am I a stereotypical male if I say I want to squirt it all over Kim’s breasts and pussy and watch one of her cute little helpers – she calls them ‘slavegirls’! – lick it off her. Afterwards though I’d let her keep the rest of the can of whipped cream so she could use it for creamcake throwing sessions with her submissive clients. I know she has several who like all that squishy, sploshing, messy action!

If you had complete and total control over someone, what would you have them do?
I’d love to have complete control over Abigail, one of Kim’s sexy ‘slavegirls’ who appears several times in the book. I know from Kim that she’s blonde, leggy, sexy and hot. To be able to instruct her to please and satisfy Kim’s erotic desires would make me incredibly horny and, I know, excite Kim too. If I could then instruct her to be submissive to Kim so that I could see Mistress Kimberley in action, then I’d be doubly pleasured. I’ve always wanted to see Kim in action, exerting her control and sexuality over another gorgeous female. This would be a great opportunity.

You seem a little tense. Is something bothering you?

You’re right. Your questions are making me look at my relationship with Kim more as a bystander. The relationship we had was pure magic but I missed so many other opportunities. I wish I’d spent more time with her, gone to fetish clubs to enjoy seeing her in action.
I realize too that I adored her at the start partly because she was so unsure of herself. I loved seeing her self esteem and confidence flourish with my encouragement. I got a huge mental kick, largely of pride, in seeing her fantastic success as a London Dominatrix and the command she wielded over her submissive clients. Hearing about her sexual antics with other women gave me sexual pleasure too and the stories she told of her sessions with clients were always fascinating / funny / eye watering / bizarre or downright weird.
But, looking back, I think I started to ‘lose’ her the more confident she became. Suddenly I wasn’t the powerful exec she looked up to. She recognized she was at least my equal. I didn’t respond well to her when she challenged me on how little time I spent with her. I rebuffed her when she potentially needed emotional support.
In short, I was trying to dominate a now dominant woman. And I failed.

Where can we find out more about your life?
Twitter: @instantwhips

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