Authors, Beware!


The purpose of this post is to share with fellow authors websites or companies that have hosted pirated works or scammed an author in some way.

Feel free to add to the comments section so that other authors can learn from your experiences.

  1. had my pirated ebooks on their website. The Facebook Group Erotic Authors Guild contacted them on my behalf to have my books removed. Thanks, Erotic Authors Guild. You rock!
  2. had all of my books free for anyone to download. Their site cost me over $2000 in revenue. About a week after notifying them, they took down all of my files.
  3. HACKED my FB account and posted over 50 spam posts. Thankfully, two FB friends noticed and let me know. I changed my FB password and deleted all of their SPAM posts. This happened to several authors on FB.
  4.   (When you send a DMCA email, it returns as an invalid address. They are located in China so I submitted a DMCA complaint to Google.)
  5.  I submitted a DMCA complaint to their email address provided as well as with Google.
  6. I submitted a DMCA complaint to their email address for two different members on 2/1/2015

IF you find a website that has pirated your work, read the following posts on Piracy:

How to effectively report a copyright Violation  (This is the most effective)

How to report a website that is pirating your work.

Help! My digital files are on this website without my permission. Who do I tell?

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