Lucien’s Mate Revealed

Lucien's Mate Soul Mates Book 1

Lucien’s Mate Soul Mates Book 1

Lucien’s Mate, my first book, has gotten a lot of attention on Amazon lately (even making it to #4 on Christmas day).

On All Romance eBooks, it was the #1 Bestseller over the past three weeks (in the Erotica/Werewolves and Shifters category).

With all this attention, I thought readers might be curious about Lucien’s Mate.

What is Lucien’s Mate really about?

On the surface, Lucien’s Mate is about a romantic relationship that develops between a Human and a Werewolf. On a deeper level, this is about an interracial relationship. What happens when two different cultures and their (unique) expectations collide?

If you read my bio, you already know that Lucien’s Mate is loosely based on my own relationship with my husband. (And no, he’s not a Werewolf.) What readers don’t know is that we are an interracial couple. I’m of Indian descent and he’s Caucasian. I’ve lived in the U.S. most of my life and have an interesting blend of Indian and American culture.

All interracial couples face a challenge. Some challenges are greater than others. I am grateful that both sides of our family were accepting of our relationship and they get along well. Family interference can sometimes ruin a great relationship.

Our household celebrates both of our cultures and we compromise when necessary. Lanie and Lucien have their own challenges. She is Human and some of Lucien’s pack members hate her for it. One of the challenges she encounters is her new title, “Alpha Bitch.” One reader was offended by this and gave up on the book. She never found out that “Alpha Bitch” is a term of respect, a title given to the Alpha’s mate. Readers that finished the book discovered that Lanie and Lucien learned they had to compromise when it came to the other’s cultural expectations.

The message of Lucien’s Mate is a simple one: when you meet someone different, I hope you will give them a chance instead of dismissing them. You might gain a long lasting friendship or perhaps, find the love of your life.

What is your style and why did you choose to write it this way?

I write from three different point of views, which drives some people crazy. It wasn’t accidental or poorly edited, it was a choice to present three different point of views. I even mention that in the blurb, so readers know exactly what to expect.

3rd person omniscient is one point of view. Pretty standard and bo-ring. (Pretty much every one does this.)

Lucien’s Perspective: Male readers have contacted me and not a single one has criticized me for Lucien’s point of view. So I must be getting it right. If you think about it, that’s pretty impressive for a woman to accurately portray a man’s perspective.

Lanie’s perspective: You get to see inside her head and understand why she reacts the way she does.

My style is unlike most other writers. I allow you to get into the main characters’ head so that you can see how they perceive circumstances. Some readers love this unique style, while others complain that I don’t write like other writers. I have my own style and those that realize and appreciate it, enjoy my work.

Is there anything you would change?

No. Not a single thing. I’ve read reader criticisms and thoughtfully considered their input. Some of them had valid (and great) suggestions, but following their suggestions would result in a different book. I’m thrilled with Lucien’s Mate because it’s the story (they) wanted to tell.

Since this was an erotic romance and my first published work, I glossed over violent scenes, unsure of how readers would react. For the most part, I think it has been well received because of theAbandoned Mate Soul Mates Book 5 toned down reference to violence.

Abandoned Mate, Soul Mates Book 5, has a lot more violence and it will be interesting to compare reader reaction to the level of violence. I think each book also shows how different Alphas react to any given situation. Lucien is one one side of the spectrum (more laid back) while Remington is on the other side (more violent). Rylan is somewhere in the middle.

Any Final Words?

I wanted to clarify something for readers. Lucien is an Alpha, a strong male. This does not mean he has to be an ass****. I’ve read various books where the main character, an “alpha” male, is a domineering jerk. He has no redeeming qualities (other than being rich and well endowed), yet the female lead character falls in love with him. I didn’t want Lucien to be like that. I tried to make Lucien a little more realistic (as real as a Werewolf can be, anyway), with human characteristics that a real woman would fall in love with.

My take on Human Alpha males in general is that men can be strong and “masculine” without being an Ass****. In real life, if you confuse “ass****” with “alpha,” you are setting yourself up for heartbreak.

If you haven’t checked out Lucien’s Mate, give it a shot. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

You can find Lucien’s Mate anywhere most ebooks are sold.

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