Samael House of Aldinach Book 1

Summary for Samael

Earth Elemental Samael ignores a desperate cry for help and an innocent woman dies. Later, her ghost appears to him, seeking revenge against her killer. Unwilling to leave his post in the Immortal Realm, Samael is reluctant to help her.Samael

Helpless as a ghost and trapped in a different realm, Shelly needs Samael’s help to find her killer and set her soul free.

Driven mostly by guilt and partly by curiosity, Samael finally agrees to help Shelly. Solitary by nature, Samael is surprised to discover that he enjoys Shelly’s company and finds himself in a bind. To ease the torment of Shelly’s spirit, he must find and punish her killer. But to do so means Shelly’s spirit will move on and he will once again be alone.

Can Samael put Shelly’s needs above his own and stop her killer before he strikes again?

WARNING: This book is for sale to ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language that may be considered offensive by some readers.

An Excerpt from Samael, House of Aldinach, Book 1

House of Aldinach Book 1


“Heeelp!” she screamed as she was dragged by her feet through the forest.
Sometime during the night, while she was passed out, he had tied her arms behind her back and now they were numb. She felt rocks, leaves, pine cones and tree roots along her bottom and back as he dragged her deeper into the forest. Leaves and rocks scratched the nape of her neck and became embedded in her hair. She could see the dark outline of tree branches as she slid across the uneven forest floor.
“Please, somebody, anybody, HELP ME!” she cried out with fear.
The forest became silent as her assailant stopped abruptly and dropped her legs. She began to cry with relief.
This must be some awful joke and now it’s over, she thought.
He watched her carefully for a moment, memorizing her tear streaked face. He smirked, enjoying the feeling of power that washed over him. He alone controlled her fate. Only he could decide whether she lived or died. And on this night, for this woman, her fate was death.
Before he could end her illusion, she turned her head to the right and noticed the earth beside her seemed unnaturally black. A painful knot formed deep in her stomach as she stared at the blackness next to her.
“It’s your grave,” he whispered as he knelt beside her and rolled her on her side.
“No,” she pleaded. Too shocked to move, she stayed still. His fingers dug into her left arm and thigh as he kept her from falling into her grave. She could feel his knee along her back. She was trapped between her grave and her abductor’s body.
Her mind began to work quickly as adrenaline surged through her body. She could only move forward, and that meant falling into her grave. With her hands tied behind her back, she would be unable to stand. Even if she could stand, without her hands, she couldn’t climb out of the pit. She took long, deep breaths to steady her racing heart, her brain working hard to find a way out of her predicament.
Her abductor chuckled as if he could read her mind.
“No way out for you, Shelly,” he whispered softly.
“Please. I’ll do anything,” she pleaded.
She meant it. She would do whatever he wanted, so long as he let her go.
“Anything?” he laughed. “What would I want from a fat pig like you?” he asked as he shoved her into the grave.
Her scream was cut off as she fell face first into her grave, her face landing on the dirt floor. Straining, she raised her neck and coughed, spitting out a mouthful of dirt. Sputtering, she tried to remove as much dirt from her mouth as she could. Something soft and loose landed on her back. She felt it on her butt. Then her thighs. She finally realized what was happening and she began to panic.
He’s burying me. Alive!
She began to wriggle in the small space, somehow managing to turn on her side. He continued to shovel dirt on her body. She turned and managed to sit, but couldn’t get enough purchase to stand. The walls were too soft and began to crumble around her, covering her shins.
“Why are you doing this?” she called out to him.
He paused, holding the shovel of dirt over the grave.
“Why? Why? Does there have to be a reason for doing this? Maybe I hate women. Maybe I hate fat ugly pigs like you.” He paused for a moment, enjoying the rage that bloomed in her eyes. “Or perhaps…I simply enjoy killing and you were such an easy target.”
He moved the shovel over the grave and turned it, dumping dirt directly on her head. Shelly shook her head, causing the dirt to slide off her head and fall around her. She glanced up at his shadowy frame, a murderous gleam in her eyes.
“I’ll get you for this,” she promised.
He laughed at her and increased his pace. Instead of shoveling the dirt, he decided to push it into the grave. Shelly continued to scream loudly as he covered her knees. By the time the dirt covered her chest, she was hoarse. She was having difficulty breathing because of dirt pressing against her chest. She couldn’t move any longer and her legs were beginning to feel numb.
Please, God. Please don’t let me die. Not like this. Please. I don’t deserve this. I promise, I’ll go to Church every Sunday if you get me out of this. Please. Please.
“Someone help me, please,” she whispered as he dumped another shovelful of dirt on top of her head.

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