Diana Persaud is a self published author of erotica. She has written numerous erotic novellas and is currently working on a half dozen more.

Diana has a degree in science from Stetson University. She gave up teaching to pursue her dream of being a writer of romance novels. The inspiration of her first erotic novella, Lucien’s Mate, came from her own experiences. Like Lanie, the central female character in Lucien’s Mate, Diana also heard warning bells when she first saw her husband. After a much longer pursuit, she finally agreed to be his mate.

Diana would love to hear what you think of her novellas. Please leave a review on the website where you downloaded her eBook.

Connect with Diana:

On Facebook: www.facebook.com/diana.persaud.146

Twitter: Diana Persaud @LuciensMate

Don’t forget to check out her webpage dedicated to Lucien and his pack, dianapersaud.weebly.com.

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