Romance/Erotic Writers Critique Group

I have just created a Romance/Erotic Writers Critique Group and I am looking for authors:

  • interested in improving their writing
  • who need a proofreader/editor
  • who are willing to help other authors
  • want to increase their sales

Erotic Writer Critique Group

The Rules

Goal: Our primary goal is to improve our craft and hone our skills so that we can be $uccessful.


  1. Always be respectful. This group is here to critique an author’s prose, not the author. Keep your comments professional and constructive. Remember, the author is under NO obligation to accept your suggestions. Anyone who author bashes will be asked to leave the group.
  2. Contribute. No one likes a leech. We all have times when we are busy and can’t work on proofreading or editing another author’s work. Make the time to help with author promotions, some of which will not take more than a few minutes of your time. Leeches will be asked to leave the group.

Secondary Goals  Focusing on other ways to improve sales

If you are interested, contact me

  • by filling out the contact form on this website
  • email me
  • send me a tweet @LuciensMate
  • Find me on FB
  • Join me on TSU

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