Character Interview Sabrina Brooks, Nightcrawler

NightcrawlerTonight is Ladies’ night and we are joined by the enchanting Sabrina Brooks. Sabrina, please tell us about yourself.

My name is Sabrina Brooks, my friends call me Bree. I’m the CEO of Brooks Chemical Company, a position I kinda inherited after my Dad passed away.

 Where are you from?

I’m a Staten Island girl, born and raised. My family home is there and the BCC complex is about a mile away. We have a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline. I think it’s the prettiest place on Earth.

 What’s the most flattering thing anyone has ever said about you?

 Gosh. I get remarks about my body, you know, legs, boobs, butt, that kind of stuff. I get told I’m pretty, and that I’m smart, and, let’s see. I’ve been told I fight like a man in the gym, which is pretty cool. I guess I really appreciate when people say I’m a good person, you know, that I’m generous and spiritual. That makes me feel better than the other stuff.

 What’s your idea of a good lover?

 Well, let’s stick with my boyfriend Hoyt Wexford, who is the only guy in the world for me. He knows about the Nightcrawler thing, but he’s more concerned about my safety than anything. He’s never given me an ultimatum over it. Plus there’s no ego thing about me owning a company, even though he makes good money as a NYPD detective. He’s never tried to do any heavy petting, which I know you can’t believe in this day and age, but it’s true. We’re engaged, and he knows he’s getting something very special on our wedding night, and he’s good with that. I think a big thing is that we were friends first. You know, we were classmates at John Jay studying criminal justice, and we were sparring partners at the YMCA before we started going out together. We were good friends before we started getting serious, and we built our relationship on respect. That’s very important.

 What is the pet name for the love of your life?

 Gee, I don’t know. I sit at my desk and write his name over and over on a notepad when I’m on the phone. That must sound silly. I guess we call each other stuff like ‘Honey’ and ‘Sweetheart’ and that, but his name’s just magic to me. When somebody at work tells me Hoyt called (I almost never have my cell phone on), I still get butterflies in my tummy.

 What is your biggest fear?

 I’m terrified that someone’s going to find out about the Nightcrawler and come in and close my Company down. I know that I shouldn’t be using those chemical weapons, but I just don’t have a real choice. I’m not going to shoot people, and besides, the Kokolol gas I use acts as a sort of truth serum. I know the NYPD have discovered traces of the components in blood samples from suspects, and my Company President, Jon Aeppli, has already been interviewed by Homeland Security. I think I figured out a way to make it traceless, so when that happens…well…maybe my next biggest fear would be speaking in public.

 Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done? (and Why haven’t you done it?)

 Gee, that’s a good one. I’ve done a lot of crazy things that I don’t dare tell Hoyt about, but some of them he already knows. I’ve fallen three hundred fifty feet into the East River twice, I’ve been thrown out a second story window, I’ve had a Kevlar vest ruined by automatic weapons, and I missed getting blown up in my bedroom because I had to go potty before the bomb went off. I guess climbing to the top of Mt. Everest would do it. You couldn’t beat that.

 What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone? Why?

 That’s a sensitive subject for me. I didn’t really do it, but I was the cause of it, and it saved lives. It was when the Reaper and those two women of his were flying that blimp filled with Kokolol over Lower Manhattan. I managed to take them out, but he had an explosive device rigged on the blimp so it could self-destruct. They weren’t planning to go to jail for the rest of their lives. Wow…even though they were bad guys, it still sucked, you know what I mean? Sometimes it makes me cry when I think of it.

 Here is the can of whip cream I promised you. What are you planning on doing with it?

 I’m going to make a big banana split for me and Hoyt, and then I’m going to spend the weekend working the calories off. Maybe after we get married you’ll get a different answer.

That reminds me, here is a wedding gift for you. Don’t open it until your wedding night. (She smiles as she  accepts my gift.)

If you had complete and total control over Sabrina Brooks, what would you have her do?

 Well, I’d have her get married, be a good wife, get more involved with the Church, and live happily ever after. It’s just so hard when you know you can make a difference to just sit back and watch bad things happen to good people. First of all, you have the economy, so the police just can’t be everywhere at once and devote all their resources to chasing criminals. Second of all, you’ve got all these watchdog thingies and civil rights groups that don’t let the cops follow up on leads the way they could or should. I don’t plan on going Nightcrawling, I just see things happen and I get this sense of responsibility like I should do something.

 You seem a little tense. Is something bothering you?

 Well, I saw on the Internet that they’re coming up with this Nightcrawler II thing. What’s really going on is that the ethnic conflict between the Russians and the Chechens is boiling over into a mob war in Brighton Beach. Hoyt’s in some deep undercover with some crooked cops out there and it’s getting really nasty. Obviously I can’t get too involved because it would ruin Hoyt’s career if I got caught. Still, lots of innocent people are getting hurt, and you know I’m not gonna sit still forever.

 Where can we find out more about your life?

JRDLook up John Reinhard Dizon on Amazon Books, that’s the guy who seems to be trying to make me famous. Just plug in Nightcrawler and, ta-da, there I am! The book’s got a great cover shot that everybody loves, but you can’t see my face. Take my word for it, I’m cute as a button. Also, there’s lots of cool updates at:

Thanks for having me!!!

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