Character Interview with Staff Sergeant Thomas Laurent, World War III, Not How You Imagined

Today my special guest is Staff Sergeant, Thomas Laurent
Where are you from, Staff Sergeant Laurent?
I’m not sure. No one has ever asked before…and it hasn’t seemed relevant to my life, so I guess I’m okay with it. Although, such acceptance goes completely against my grain! I’m not an ego driven control freak, but I do like to know the how and why about things. I’ll have to appeal to my creator and see if he’ll share my origins with me.
What’s the most flattering thing anyone has ever said about you?
Good Job!
What’s your idea of a good lover?
In no particular order: open to anything, high energy, very short red hair, great smile revealing well maintained teeth, compelling eyes, razor wit, career, loves kids, daring, unpredictable, hard to control, loyal, a great friend, a worse enemy.
What is the pet name for the love of your life?
Doc…though I haven’t used it yet.
What is your biggest fear?
Failing the team, thus, myself.
Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done?  Why haven’t you done it?
There’s plenty I’ve yet to see/accomplish. But since the world is at war, I’m too busy being what I am. However, when I’m done doing my part to make the world a safe place to live, I’ll play catch up and visit historical locations like Petra, Machu Pichu, Angkor Wat, Easter Island, and the Great Wall.
What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone? Why?
Taken their life. They deserved it.
Here is the can of whip cream I promised you. What are you planning on doing with it?
Not a fan of whipped-cream, substitute chocolate syrup…and we’re on!
If you had complete and total control over anyone, what would you have them do?
Well, my creator does have complete control over my actions, thoughts, beliefs, and all else…he is omniscient.  So far, I think he’s had me accomplish all that he envisioned.
You seem a little tense. Is something bothering you?
Tense? I think you’re mistaken. I’m the very definition of calm—well, except for when you piss me off or become a designated a target, or both. Come to think of it, people tell me I’m actually pretty laid back, even when taking lives. Yeah, you’re mistaken.
Where can we find out more about your life?
My creator, being all-powerful and inscrutable, has decided that very little can be discovered about me until April 1st, 2014. Don’t ask why, those kinds of decisions take place above my pay grade. But I’d speculate, that if a few weeks from today, a curious party were to enter the term “World War III: Not How You Imagined” into a search engine, there will be multiple links leading to a plethora of information about me, my teammates, our enemies, and the devices, systems, techniques we use to make bad people go bye-bye…and, the world in which it all happens. Did I just use the word, plethora? Hmmm….
AuthorJim Strait 10-19-2012
~Keep an eye out for World War III, Not How You Imagined Coming April 1st 2014~
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